View Full Version : Pilofocus for FUT sufferers

11-01-2013, 09:17 PM
1) So I've already got a FUT scar.

2) And I can't go on FIN for the sides.

So in theory my options are SMP and shave my head. OR keep it long but thinning (which aint so bad for the time being).

BUT at some point my thinning will catch up. I'm now thinking I could live with another pilofocus scar if it was only 1cm wide!

So in theory now we could just keep giving me hair transplants without more 17cm scars. We just keep going in and reusing the 1cm pilofocus scar until some better option comes along... i.e. they launch Histogen (or Hellouser manages to recreate a black market alternative ;)).

Sound reasonable?