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Dr. Lindsey
10-29-2013, 06:19 AM
This very attractive Serbian female presented with a history of burn to her scalp 25 years ago. As her hairstyle has changed, she finds that although she has lots of surrounding hair, this hairless scar requires care to conceal.

Given the size of the scar, the laxity of her scalp skin, and the thick avascular nature of this particular scar, we opted to excise the scar now, as shown. In 6 months I believe we’ll likely need to do a hundred or so FUE’s into the remaining scar, similar to 2 cases I posted in the summer on the forums. It is possible however that the resulting scar from this will be narrow enough that she doesn’t proceed with any further therapy, similar to a child’s case I posted a year ago. It’s just tough to predict how the scar will turn out.

But, as is shown on these pictures, I was able to remove the entire scar and close the wound with 3 layers of sutures thereby taking the “load” off of the skin edges which ought to minimize scar re-widening. Also, she really didn’t bleed at all and needed no cautery…also which may have prevented injury to nearby follicles. The last picture is on day 7. She did no cleaning due to anxiety, and wouldn’t come in for postop cleaning as requested…so its not as pretty of a picture as I’d have liked.

I do believe she’ll followup in 1 month for a scar check at which time hopefully better pictures of the repair are available.

Dr. Lindsey McLean VA