View Full Version : Free open house hair transplant seminar - 26th Oct 2013 - Dr. A's Clinic (Delhi)

Dr A's Clinic
10-23-2013, 11:54 PM
Free hair transplant Open House Seminar to be held on 26th October 2013 at

Dr. A's Clinic
B - 104, Ground floor, Chittaranjan Park
New Delhi - 110019
Timing - 11am to 1pm

and also meet past real patients.

Contact details - 09810178062, 09871700606, 09967601514, 09212136931

email us at - contact@fusehair.com
website- http://www.fusehair.com

For results, visit our patient result photogallery (http://fusehair.com/image)
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Dr. A's Clinic provides cutting edge hair restoration techniques including FUSE/fue and Body hairtransplants. Many of the latest advances, including the use of the expanding needle concept in fue and the use of facial hair as additional donor resource have been pioneered and freely shared by us with doctors worldwide. The clinic, its patients as well as live hair restoration surgeries have been shown a number of times on the nationwide TV news programmes. We look forward to be able to help you.