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10-22-2013, 05:02 AM
hi all...i was just wondering i just started the dermarolling trial ..in the trial they used minox as it increases pgd2 and not for its vasolidator properties...

so a man that is not minox responder(lacks the enzyme to make minox-> minox sulfate) will succeed in the dermarolling wounding?

regarding minox sides ..is it proven that people wih sides get results(or better results)?(since sides mean you have the enzyme needed to transform minox to minox sulfate and benefit hair)

getting minox sides->you are minox responder->minox rsponder means you have the enzyme to make minox minox sulfate->but in the wounding theory is it necessary to be a responder so minox will increase pgd2?

i hope i made it simple.....

so even more simpler///

is it necessary to be a minox responder(have the enzyme to make sulfate minox +possible getting sides ) to increase pgd2 ?

or generally is it all this s hit i am trying to figure out?

10-22-2013, 11:36 PM
I'm not too sure about what pgd2 is. However, I am interested in derma rolling. I plan to start soon as soon as I find my minox treatment of choice.

I'm also interested about the minox sulphate phenomenon. I saw an academic paper going around maybe last month. I realized that not everyone can respond to Minox, but I didn't get fully what the conclusion of the study was and how I should change my route of action.

Maybe this will sound totally ignorant as I'm just blowing it out my behind, but maybe using some shampoo containig sodium laurathe sulphate can help? I
As I said, I don't understand the theory behind this discussion. Just trying to stimulate discussion.

10-23-2013, 02:10 PM
minoxidil inhibits lysyl hydroxilase which is essential as catalyst in colagen production ..more specific it inhibits lysyl hydroxilase types 1,2,3 by 50%

->minox aging face side effect

can someone please also tell me how to induce lysyl hydroxilase?

vit c serum?