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10-21-2013, 04:59 PM
So im 19 and balding, ive got a strong receading hairline, hair on top is starting to get really thin and the spot on my crown Is now becoming more visable.

Im taking minoxidil which is working very well for my hairline but not so much for the crown. I have just taken my second pill of propecia, im doing .25mg EOD to start with.

What I would like advice for is on vitamins. Firstly have any of you stopped balding by taking vitamin supplements?

Researching online it seems as though Iron, Vitamin D and Zinc are the key ones for hair loss. Im taking 2 teaspoons of iron daily and am looking to add Zinc and Vitamin D but if im taking all these supplements will this do any harm to my body?


10-21-2013, 05:40 PM
plz note i took 0.25mg fin daily and my DHT was barele effected...get your levels checked in a month or so to see if it is doing the job

vitamin d, c, omega3 good for general health....biotiin msm taurine look in to those for more hair related advantages, but they wont do much

10-21-2013, 07:41 PM
realistically, if you eat a balanced diet vitamins won't do much. I personally take biotin and fish oil capsules because I know those are harder to gain in my diet, opposed to things like iron.

problem for balding is the DHT, and the fin should help with than and the minox should help turn it around even further.

I am considering finding a rounded vitamin containing some folic acid maybe copper though - I've been eating these protein bars lately that have those two in them and I feel like my overall quality of hair is better. But that's all vitamins really should do for your hair, unless you are actually not getting enough of some, they might make the quality a little better to the touch at least.

At least that's the goal for everyone using them.

Maybe try adding a keto shampoo once or twice a week too.

10-21-2013, 09:46 PM
plz note copper and/or zinc is a tough one you do not want to disturb the balance of those in your body and scalp

10-21-2013, 10:12 PM
Like Dan26 said, don't take .25mg doses. Take the full 1mg per day.

I think the theory behind taking super small Finasteride doses is that some guys on forums believe they got side effects off 1mg, but by reducing the dose they found that the side effects were no longer noticeable.

But the approved dose for hair loss is 1mg, and that's what you should start off with. The vast majority of people respond well to 1mg, in terms of having no side-effects and seeing results. There's a reason it's the approved dose for hair loss.

But man, I know for lots of people the fear of side-effects is frustrating. Maybe you can take .25mg/day for a week, then bump it up to .5mg/day for another week, then start taking 1mg/day after that. That way you're giving your body time to grow used to the drug and giving yourself peace of mind, but aren't spending too much time taking doses so small they are probably ineffective.

Just my take.

EDIT: But to answer your question about vitamins, all I started taking since my hair loss began besides a basic multi is Zinc. I was never afraid of Fin side effects, but I heard Zinc can help combat them. Is the Zinc really helping? Probably not. But is the Finasteride affecting me negatively? Most definitely not. I just take the Zinc for peace of mind. I pop the Fin, follow it up with the Zinc.

10-22-2013, 07:56 AM
I have to disagree with what is being said here. Studies have shown that .2 mg of finasteride is only 7-9% less effective than 1mg. The same study showed that .5 is 100% EXACTLY the same as 1mg and even 5mg.

From personal experience I have been on .25 mg for 2 weeks now and I had all the normal side effects that most people experience when they get on the drug, but go away after a few days to a week or so such as testicle ache (slight), a little bit of oily skin and a HUGE boost to libido for a few days. (wanted to **** every chick in sight).

They subsided though and I feel completely normal now. If .25 wasnt effective at all then I am guessing I wouldnt have felt any of that as a minuscule drop in DHT wouldnt produce those symptoms. .25 has been shown to work and work effectively. Just google it. Many guys have had success with it. If you want full effectiveness IE: inhibiting 65-70% of your DHT instead of the .2-.25's 59-64% inhibition then go with .5 and call it a day and save some money. 1mg and higher is overkill and it in place so they make more money.

10-22-2013, 09:36 AM
^^^Not saying you are wrong at all bro, read all the studies and everything you cite is true

I have to advise people tho, based on my test results, if they do the same thing (smaller doses), it is essential to get bloodwork done to make sure you can monitor your hormone levels because not everyone has the same response to this drug.

Id certainly start low and taper up tho regardless