View Full Version : Keto usage and day to day observances..

10-20-2013, 07:29 PM
So I've been using the 1% keto Regenpure DR shampoo about every 2-3 days, on average twice a week for about 2 months along with my current regime that is about 3 months in (fin/minox).

I've noticed two things that I'd like to see if anyone else thinks is true/false..

1- When the shampoo doesn't cause a tingling sensation on my scalp, there is no noticeable change in my hair texture before and after using that day.

2- When there is a tingling sensation, my hair feels incredibly thick when I go to wash it out before conditioning afterwards. Also, the rest of the day my hair feels thicker, and maybe more manageable too. This generally lasts the next day or so.

Is this normal, or am I imagining things? Does this have any indication of whether the shampoo is "effective" on each given application?

... Does anyone else notice similar things? I feel like this is a good sign for me, as some people have reported that keto "zaps" their hair, making it feel brittle and thin? I only noticed this starting to happen about a month and a half into using the shampoo, and I'm more careful to use enough to lather and let it sit in for 5 minutes

10-22-2013, 10:26 AM
I used Regenepure DR daily for about a week, before I read using Keto that frequently isn't very good for you. I noticed it would increase pimples on my forehead and other random parts of the body (indicative that it's not good for my liver?).

I still use it every once in a while like once a week or every other week. It really does make my hair look thicker, but I think it's cosmetics, not anything related to the effectiveness of the shampoo or general health of your hair.

However, on the contrary, the Regenepure NT which I do use almost daily (No Keto) makes my hair look really flat as others have described. And it makes my thinning areas appear 'more vulnerable' and styling is not as effective for me.