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10-17-2013, 06:35 PM
I hate to start new threads on an unproven surgeon like Dr. Nigam, but I am tired of waiting for companies in the US and elsewhere to get FDA approval, funding etc...

This guy definitely does not sound like a shill/person working for Dr. Nigam. His logic for pursuing this seems to be a bit too human (great exhuberance of Dr. Nigam, some of the results of people at the clinic) rather than scientific, but I still thought it was a very useful post that deserved more responses over on hairsite.

Anyway, this person named missinghair has this post on hairsite from October 17:


we met the dr on the 14th while waiting for him we met a 29 year old man who had undergone treatment appx 4 months ago he informed us that he started losing his hair 10 years ago and that beside the stem cell and hair doubling etc , grafts from his body had been taken, he had lost his hair on the back and the front too had thinned a lot , however after the procedure he has grown good amount of hair on the back as well he evidently had new hair growing in the front also, in the meanwhile the dr joined in on the conversation and informed that he has done an additional procedure over and above the already mentioned treatments which he did not disclose to me and would do so on the forum in due course, anyways not having seen the gentleman's before pictures all i can say he was very happy with his progress

The dr also made us meet his staff guy on whom he had done a 25 graft patch procedure , after seeing his before photos , he had a definitely grown quite some hair on the front top of his head compared to his before photo's wherein they were nonexistent , i requested him to post it on the forum for feedback which he said he would

We then met his sister who had her 1000 graft hair doubling in jan but has not taken her follow up stem cell injections at all and was in town for the same , compared to her before photo her wherein her hair partition the scalp visible was wide ,currently her scalp seen is very narrow at the partition , also she informed us that the donor area also had regeneration , the doctor showed us the donor area which had hair growing , again as i am new to this am unable to confirm quantum of growth or its re growth

Sum and substance after the above experience and spending over an hour with the dr. and seeing his positive exuberance which is quite infectious we signed for the entire package of stem cell and hair doubling etc

However i have decided to let my wife have it done this coming sunday also will take her before and progress pic myself and have it posted here and i will get mine done after he gets back from the ISHRS as i would like to cut and keep my hair at its shortest length for the entire duration of the treatment,but as i have an important meeting with clients next week , i am postponing mine

I would be holding back on the hair doubling in my case to the end as i would like to see how much growth i can get with only stemcells etc

In the meanwhile i have a few after thought questions for the dr , which i think will be useful information for newbie's like me

1) the extractions of 50 to 75 grafts for stem cell shots will it cover the entire scalp or only the portions of the scalp which is losing/lost hair

2) each shot to the scalp how much area of the scalp does it cover

3)the stem cells shots will it re grow new hair only or does it thicken the existing ones also

4)in our case wherein me and my wife we still have a lot of hair fall , will this treatment arrest the hairfall ?

5)any side effects like pigmentation to the adjoining neck and forehead area (my wife posed this one )