View Full Version : Eyebrow transplant

10-17-2013, 01:15 PM
Hi everyone! I just joined and I have some questions for everyone. Luckily I have a full head of hair, but 9 years ago I lost the use of my kidneys and went on dialysis and most of my eyebrow hair fell out (the outer 3/4 of each brow). And then, 6 years ago, I received a kidney transplant, but the hair never grew back. I have tried Latisse and it did grow a few hairs back (approximately 55 hairs for each brow), but that was not nearly enough hair to match the thick hair left in the inner 1/4 of my brows. So, I am thinking of an eyebrow transplant and I live near Seattle. I know that Wong does eyebrow transplants, as does Gabel, but does anyone have experience with them for eyebrows? I would think adding hair to the top of someone's head would be easy in that there is no need to think about how it appears (unlike a hairline), but an eyebrow transplant would need to be done 'artistically' so to speak. Most the these surgeons have photos of transplants on the head, not the eyebrow, so it is difficult to access how good they are with eyebrow transplants. Any help would be greatly appreciated!