View Full Version : 3300 grafts with dr feller

10-12-2013, 07:02 AM
Hello folks,
Thanks for reading my post. I am currently 11 weeks post op a 3,300 graft FUT hair transplant with Dr Feller. and what a journey so far it has been! Just like you, I have been concerned with losing my hair, my identity for the past 6-7 years! It really started to hit my confidence, my self esteem, to the extent that I think I was depressed over it. Its something you dont really talk about, but but something I was always thinking about, the fact that my hair was going and there was nothing I could do to stop it. I have been a shadow of myself, feeling low, sad the usual, something I am sure you all can relate to in your own way. Even though, I have had my HT, I still am in the same mode, still trying to come to terms with the fact that I have a new hairline on the way! Very exciting yes, but still VERY surreal! But anyho, my hair loss got to the stage where I had to do something about it. I tried treatments, vitamins, etc.. none of which seemed to work! So as my hair was getting thinner and thinner, and refusing to accept the fact I was going bald, I somehow managed to stumble across Spex! And from here, everything just kicked off! First of all, if you were like me, here, scrolling through testemonials, losing your hair, and want to do something about it, then get in touch with Spex. You cannot go wrong. Very promt, honest, and reassuring, he managed to book me in for my hair transplant with Dr Feller in July! After doing my research and seeing ALOT of Dr Feller's results, I was very happy and confident that this was the beginning of an emotional journey that was going to end up in me getting a new full head of hair. So I flew to the USA from London and had my 3,300 grafts with Dr Feller. The experience itself was very good. Within two minutes of meeting him, he told me he knew exactly what I needed, and at the very end he said that ' I came together beautifully'. It was a long day! But I am very glad that I chose Dr Feller. In my opinion, he is one of the best out there so if you are considering getting a HT, Dr Feller is the way to go.

I am now 11 weeks post op! Its been such a long journey to even get here! Staples are out, grafts fell out, and I am now coming towards the end of the ugly duckling phases! (Well I hope so anyway) I am attaching some pics. Please feel free to comment and thank you for sharing this journey with me!

BTW - Just a small query, if anyone might be able to put my mind at ease. I am making some good progress (well I think so anyway)... but when I have been washing my hair for the last few weeks, I keep finding that hair seems to be falling out. Each time I was it seems like there might be between 10-20 single very short hairs in my hands as I wash? Maybe it is normal? Grafts that never fell out and are starting to do so now? I am not toooo concerned but it is on my mind why it is happening?