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10-04-2013, 01:41 PM
I have been on and off deciding if I should get a FUE. Here's my long but probably needed background:

I lost a significant amount of hair in my early 20's, so I impulsively decided to get a hair transplant (FUT) at the closest clinic by me (I'm in NJ). I dropped about $5000 and couldn't tell you the amount of grafts I was given. I did very little research and I am certainly paying the price for it now. Most of the grafts did not hold and what is left stands straight up like doll hair. The rest of my hair fell out within two years after the transplant. I do not have many pictures after the healing process of what my hair looked like because I started using toppix and dermmatch within a year of the surgery. If these pictures are requested, I can certainly provide them.

Anyway, fast forward now and it appears I am almost bald on top. When it got really bad, I went with a hair replacement program at a local place that has been very helpful and treat me very well. However, I struggle with the "can anyone notice?" thoughts and usually stray from going out to social situations. It's a paranoid feeling that is certainly internal and I only have myself to blame. I'd rather either embrace the baldness or get a FUE.

The problem with shaving my head is the significant scar many get with a FUT. Mine is raised, still hurts and is obviously noticeable when shaving. I am currently seeing a dermatologist to get injections to reduce the raised skin. So, not only would I like a FUE on the top of my head, but also into the scar. Dr. Umar was kind enough to provide me with his opinion and quote. If I want to accept it and go bald and just get a FUE into the scar, I'm looking roughly between $7,000-$10,000. I own a house and have a large amount of student loan debt, so disposable income isn't something I have a lot of. I have contemplated getting a home equity loan but I have no idea if I can even do that (has anyone here done this?).

The other consideration is just getting a FUE to get a good head of hair again. I've seen Dr. Doganay's grafts and they look great. 2.5 euros per graft is more affordable for the amount i'm sure i'll need. Also, Dr. Demirsoy with 1 euro sounds even better. However, distance/convenience is obviously a concern for me. Also, I would like opinions of other FUE patients.

For FUE patients, I would like to know what your experiences were and what you would have done differently, if anything. Also, I would like to know where you went, if you would go again, and (if you are alright with) sharing your costs. I understand everyone's experiences are different but sharing them can only be helpful.

I am trying to do my research this time around because my first experience was devastating.

So, everyone, please give me your honest opinions if you can. I would really appreciate it!

10-04-2013, 05:10 PM
Hi. Welcome.

There is a lot of good advice you can receive on this site. I would definitely like to see some photos of your hair before I comment.

Can you throw a couple up so we know what we are dealing with?

10-04-2013, 06:56 PM
Hi and thanks drybone. I was actually going to take some pictures tomorrow morning (I wear a hair replacement and my appointment to have it taken off and reapplied is tomorrow). However, I have a few that are about a year old that i'm adding here. It's worse now on the top. I'll still comment tomorrow with those pictures too. Thanks again for your reply!


10-04-2013, 07:57 PM
Hey. Thanks for putting your photos up.

You are a diffuse thinner. Have you ever considered Finasteride and minoxidil?

I am sure you have but I can tell you that it would probably do wonders for you :)

As for FUE, it will go perfectly. You will need to spend about 200 to 300 grafts filling in the line in the back to tidy that up. You should have a consultation to see what kind of hairline the doctor feels is appropriate for you and how many grafts it will be.

I think you still have some hair to work with and I would try to keep it. :)

10-04-2013, 08:27 PM
Dr. Cole is an IAHRS surgeon and does FUE almost exclusively. He also uses PRP and Acell claiming an average of 50% donor regeneration. Since you have already depleted some of your donor supply, the possibility of regeneration might be of interest to you. He's in Alpharetta, Ga.

10-05-2013, 12:26 PM
I just got back from my hair replacement session. Keep in mind it's glued to my head so the red or irritated scalp is certainly from that. I tried minoxidil for awhile but with anything, I fell out of the habit or routine and just got to the point where I did not have enough hair to feel comfortable without the hair replacement. I'm not a very good creature of habit :(

drybone, i'm sure your opinion will change with the updated pictures. The hair replacement system most likely has only increased my hair loss. I definitely would like to think I am still a candidate for FUE because I would love to be able to not wear a hair replacement anymore. If there's any hope for that still, i'm open to it!

mkamph, thanks for your reply as well. I looked into Dr. Cole and he seems to be one of most frequent doctors in these forums that is recommended. $6 a graft isn't as bad as $8 or $10 which I've seen more of. PRP and Acell are certainly great and i'm going to look more into that. Not sure how much more expensive that is than just FUE! Did you go to Dr. Cole?

This thread impressed me the most so far:

3007 grafts looks like what I probably would need, maybe more since like drybone said, i'm a diffuse thinner. Traveling to GA from NJ isn't too bad of a trip and I use one of those credit card mile rewards so I should have plenty to make a few trips down there. I'm definitely considering it now. Thanks mkamph!


10-05-2013, 03:37 PM
i haven't been to dr cole, but i have had an acell+prp injection from dr deyarmen and that has definitely helped my hair density (i'm 4 months out). if i were to get a hair transplant, cole would be the surgeon i would have do it, currently. as of this posting, cole is the only person who is recommended by the iahrs and claims to be getting donor regeneration. obviously, regeneration is a big deal since we all have limited donor supply. it would be nice if cole had a peer reviewed study regarding donor regeneration, but i accept his claim based on his reputation. worst case scenario, he gives you a good/great hair transplant without regeneration....which is what you would probably get with any other iahrs surgeon. cole's upside is what is really exciting.