View Full Version : Possibly the first ever HT Video?

10-03-2013, 02:18 PM
So two days ago marked my ten year anniversary of working for Dr. Hasson and Dr. Wong. Thinking about my career I decided to look through some old photos and stumbled across this gem from 2004. I shot this video about nine years ago and I had no idea at the time how video would impact the industry. I did post this online but it got lost in the shuffle of website and forum updates over the years. I'm just glad I saved the original. Is it really the first ever HT video shot by a patient? I don't know but I don't recall seeing any before this one. 2004 was a looong time ago.

For 2013 I inserted some of my before pictures, taken before I ever set foot in Hasson & Wong, and added some music so it isn't so boring. Time sure has flown by since I shot this but it's cool to know that my hair isn't much different now, except I don't have highlights:) Now I have to go and shoot a new video like this to show how my hair has held up!!!