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10-01-2013, 09:13 AM
Hey guys. I have been reading the forums since 2003 when I started losing my hair, I was 21. Although it was something that was supposed to happen (Dad bald at 25, grandpa at 17 - Mom`s dad at 35) I was shocked. And I asked for an appointment with the dermathologist. Of course it was so stupid cause she knew less stuff that I did, and this happened with all the doctors I saw afterward. So I took it in my hands and learned everything I know today. I started with the daily ketaconazole, daily minoxidil (only at night 5%) and 0,5mg Dutasteride (Avodart) daily.

It was a miracle. After 1 year I had my hair back and I didnt had to worry for 8 years. Never had a side effect and I honestly could not understand those who did, I had my hair back and I was so happy. Thought Ive beaten this thing. BUT 2011 was the year when my body said "u are not wining pal". Started losing and shedding like the world was ending so I did what I had to do and according to the studies of avodart maximum DHT block was with 2.5mg of Dutasteride per day, so since 2011 I have been taking 5 pills a day. I do all the regular exams to my body and everything is fine, but Im still shedding and losing hair like crazy. Now it visible and my head itches like never before. So of course Im thinking of a HT (my dad went with Bosley -GOD I KNOW - on 1995 and 1998) and he had good results but he is bald now as he is 63.

I never shared my story before but here it is... I dont know what to do. I trying to wait for Cotsarellis to come with his freaking new system (and as the drugs exists already maybe he wont need phase III) or Histogen to hit the market or Replicel (but they are a long way from that). And now that Aderans is dead... well.... Im just out of options with pills and lotions, I cant do anything else.

Unless I stop Avodart or I take out some pills and go to 0,5 a day and "unblock" mny body again? does that make sense? A doc said to me like maybe my body created a way to block the receptors just like happens with sleeping pills and maybe I should take the pills down to 1,0 for 5 months and then hit it with all I have again (2,5) but Im scared to go through a non reversible shock loss.

What do you think guys? Im 31 and I dont wanna lose this fight yet! Help.

10-01-2013, 09:47 AM
What do you think guys? Im 31 and I dont wanna lose this fight yet! Help.

Here's what I know, seeing results first hand, working for a hair restoration physician. Stand alone ACell/PRP treatment helps some patients increase the diameter of hairs undergoing miniaturization. We have a patient who took Avodart for 8 years and had an ACell/PRP treatment and got the very best result I have seen to date.

FUE with ACell and PRP is another option to consider.

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10-01-2013, 10:09 AM
Where in Europe could I do that?

10-01-2013, 11:17 AM
Cool story man and you seem to have gotten amazing results from dut for a long time. Sad to hear the success has come to an end, for now at least. 2.5mg a day of Dutasteride damn, now that's a Heroes Dose! (I'm on 0.25mg daily fin). I really don't know what to suggest but I hope you can find something to get the dut working again.

10-01-2013, 11:21 AM
Thanks Dan! I always read the forums about people talking about 0,25 or dutasteride once a week, and man.. that doesnt work! u have to go all the way. For me worked wonders! so u know how I feel now...like I am using every gun I have, 2 year with 2,5 a day, ketaconazole and minox and nothings happening. head itches even more. i just bought a dermaroller to see if it does something because of that last study that came up, ill try it once a week and then minox 24 hours after, hope it does something with all the meds im taking, if not, im going to Hasson and Wong I saved enough money to do it but im a difused thinner (not in my donor area though) so its tough.... but thanks for the reply, it made me feel very good.

10-01-2013, 02:08 PM
You say you can afford an HT with H and W. Honestly, just go with that and stay on the medication. It sounds like you did everything you can for your MPB, you used the proven drugs and shampoo, you beat hair loss for 8 years with these drugs. I guess it's time to get an HT.

You are lucky you were able to regain your hair and not worry about it for 8 years from 21-29 years old? You lived a better social life than most of us here probably. I am 24 with two types of hair losses and still battling every day since 16, worrying every day. So you are very lucky, just go with the HT.

10-01-2013, 02:13 PM
BTW I have another question, so you took 5 - 0.5 mg pills a day, every day, for 8 years. So in one year you took over 900 pills? And in 8 years you took over 7,200 pills?

That's a lot of pills man, lol.

10-01-2013, 02:26 PM
Hey Shasta.

Can you stick up a photo of your hair ?

10-01-2013, 04:52 PM
Out of curiosity, what was the first year like when you started? Like how far along were you when you started, and how did the regrowth happen? I feel like I'm starting where you did, but with fin instead of dut... Sorry to hear about your recent stresses though :( but damn, getting your hair back for almost 10 years seems amazing!

10-01-2013, 09:36 PM
I wish I was as proactive as you and found the information you did in 2003. All I did was go to doctors that told me there was nothing I could do. I threw in the towel until this year, which was way too late.

I would do what your Dr. said and quit the drug for a few months, then jump back on. With your rate of shedding, you might as well give something a shot. As far a transplant goes, don't you need to stabilize your hair loss before getting a transplant?

10-02-2013, 01:59 PM
Hi guys! it great to get so many replies, now I get it when people say in the forums that they feel in the same boat.

Now, answers:

PatientlyWaiting: (I read you wanna change ur name to desperatley waiting haha) yeah man, lots of pills, I just didnt thought of it, I just didnt wanna go bald, no way no how. I has blood tests and everything is fine... i never had a side effect,ever.

here it is one pic with wet hair http://postimg.org/image/4o1romzaj/ its like that in my whole head, im a diffused thinner BUT not in my donor area, although i dont have like super nice donor area as i see in some other guys pics... so i dont know if my donor area will be good for HT. The problem is that in H&W they tell me I have to wait... so wait more and i will be balder and a HT will make me look not so NOT-BALD

notcoolanymore: yeah thats what ive heard but i dont know how to stabilize it if im doing everything I can...

Thanks for the replies!

10-02-2013, 02:01 PM
Redy, 1st year sucks.... but trust me... dont think about that ills are not working they are! u just wont notice. have faih and dont ever stop.