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09-29-2013, 01:54 PM
Over the last two months, it seems that the derma rolling thread has gotten completely out of hand.
Found here:

I think we should just let the thread focus on replicating the pilot study to the letter and any deviations should be posted here.

Doing research here and on ***, it seems that we are getting ever closer to something real. I personally think that this is as close as we are going to ever get to a real cure or a good treatment, at least until the companies come out with their own, which is in at least 3 more years.

I will point out what I personally believe is the best way to achieve this and try to back it up with as many studies as possible, please note that I may be wrong and you are encouraged to correct me.
The first step is to do the actual wounding so that we achieve inflammation and get the benefits of the growth factors. This is all part of wound theory and regenerative science, which is unfortunately, is at it's infancy. What we want to achieve from wounding is basically tell the new cells not go convert to skin but rather to hair follicles. To do this we need to add PGE2 -> FGF-9, which we need to find where we can get it from. Now doing much research(and trust me I don't like this anymore than you do) it seems that semen is a powerhouse for hair growth.