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09-25-2013, 02:24 PM
Hi everyone!

Im new to the forums but I'm going to jump right into the story. I'm 21 years old going on 22 next month. I first noticed my hair loss actually about a year ago. I just never really payed attention to it until someone said your going bald...that was a real shut down on my confidence. It honestly was not that bad just a little temple recession which is normal in my family. I saw a dermatologist and they proscribed me Propecia and rogaine. I first tried the rogaine for six months which was the biggest mistake. Everyone told me to stick to it but sadly I obtained a itchy red scalp for months and thought it was normal. I know hair shedding is normal for rogaine use but the rash and allergic reaction I got from it was not worth continuing the treatment. After that my shed hairs never actually grew back. Shortly after I finally tried propecia and with my luck I had side effects from that too so I had to drop that as well. I honestly have no clue where my hairloss is as of now. It is really thin in the frontal region and I have deeper temporal recession on my right side leaving my hairline kind of uneven.

As for my family history, My uncles have norwood "A" pattern hairloss, my grandfather on my mom's side passed away before I was born and had a norwood 5/6 and my father who started balding at the same age as me around 21, now at the age of 52 never lost anymore hair and is at a norwood stage 4/5.

Im here for the same reason as everyone else, obviously im not of age for a hair transplant and without meds Im just going to have to hold off and see how bad it gets. I've been obsessing over my hair loss for over a year and actually lost a girlfriend of 5 years because she noticed my thinning hair, guess she only loved me for my hair but at least I have the police academy to look forward to in January! hope everyone is doing well!

09-25-2013, 07:40 PM
Have you tried microdosing fin. There are guys around these forums that like yourself had sides when they jumped on 1mg fin. They later tried again taking fin, starting at smaller doses and working their way up to a full dose. They are now able to tolerate the drug. There are a few threads that mention this.

You are going to be in the academy soon. You will most likely be buzzing your head at that time anyway like most of the other guys. You will need to look clean cut and that is an easy way to maintain that look. Most of the guys will be buzzing their head. You will fit in perfectly.

09-25-2013, 10:39 PM
Thank you for the quick reply! I actually haven't tried micro dosing. You brought up a good point and I appreciate it. I actually just started buzzing my head, it doesn't look too bad and I've always had short hair which is a good thing because I am used to the look. I might try a smaller dose like you said and build up a tolerance. The future looks bright for hair loss anyway with all this research on stem cells and companies like Histogen and Replicel which I started researching on. Best bet is to keep a positive attitude.