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09-18-2013, 12:39 PM
Hello - I'm 18 - almost 19 years old. MPB does run in my family. I'm currently a NW 1.5? I don't know but judge for yourself. I can include a link to pics of my hair @ the very end.

Anyways, in regards to treatments. I don't want to take fin just yet. I know already some will say I should, while others will say no. And minox kinda bothers me for its dependancy and major changes & sheds it seems to cause people once stopped. Like once I'd start I'd be afraid to ever take it out if my regimen and just be stuck with it forever. So I'd at least like to try something else first. I haven't ruled it out totally though..

I'm currently just using a keto shampoo (Revita), Revita conditioner, emu & bhringraj oils, Revivogen, and then along my hairline only I've been using Folligen Hair Signals cream, 2% Keto cream, 10% Azelaic Acid cream, and 0.025% Retin-A & hydrocortisone (trying to mimic SABA gel). It's only been a couple of weeks using those. All applied before bed. Most of those topicals probably seem really lame to some of you lol, but that's what I'm doing so far. Nothing to report except for a near halt to shedding. I think the shedding was caused from stopping my older treatment which was just emu, coconut, bhringraj, castor oil. Otherwise I wouldn't normally shed as much as I was. For supplements I've been meaning to pick up some MSM, curcumin and Resveratrol.

But aside from all that, this might be odd... but I'd be a little more interested in other treatments such as:
- Growth Factors (GF) - admire its similarity to Histogen
- CB 0301 (looks good but expensive considering we don't seem to have an optimal vehicle yet. the nano solution lilpauly mentioned sounds great though)
- RU (looks good. but potential sides, making it so often are some minuses)

^ What do you think about those? Their expense isn't a big issue...I will find a way to buy if I feel like it's right for me.


Anyway pics of my hairline are below. Sorry for the quality - Just giving an idea. The 2nd pic is of my right side, which has receded further back a noticeable amount more compared to my left! (<-- 1st pic). I can see and feel the difference between sides.

The 3rd pic is the front of my hairline which has a thin spot and hairline is sort of uneven.

Photos: http://imgur.com/a/E12C7

-------Any encouraging or helpful comments/advice/suggestions would be appreciated

09-19-2013, 10:46 AM