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09-09-2013, 11:07 PM
At least that's the plan, but things aren't looking so good.

This thread is for you guys to help me out with what I don't know and to just share your opinions about my story and what I'm doing. I'm also going to use this as a log to update others about my hair and my treatment in case I need more help.

Hair loss in my family:

Dad: NW2 up until his early 40s. Now at 51 he still has a forelock but is very, very thin up top.

Grandfather (Dad's side): same hair loss pattern as my dad.

Grandfather (Mom's side): Hair loss just like mine at my age, then a little more, and remained that way well into his 60s. I might take a pic of his hairline next time I see him and post it on here, but for now just imagine a NW2.5. More like a NW3, with a very persistent forelock (I have strong forelock genetics lol). He still looks good, I hope I follow his pattern.

Uncle (Mom's side): NW2.5 since his 20s, now 40.

Uncle (Dad's side): NW2.5 since his 20s, now 40 as well.

All other uncles have had NO hair loss.

Basically, my genetics aren't that bad. From my family tree, the worst anyone ever got was balding in their 40s. Although some people have hit the NW2-2.5 line in their early twenties, none of them got any worse.


I just turned 18, Caucasian (Spanish), and I've never had a full NW0 juvenile hairline. It's always been a little higher, and a little angled (slightly receded in the corners). I've always had coarse hair. Not thick, just very coarse, rough and dry.

Fast forward to now and I'm a NW2. It's not a drastic difference from where I have been all my life, a NW1.5 since birth basically, but what really bothers me is no one has this hairline at my age. My middle (forelock) is alright and looking pretty good but I'm still a NW2.


I have some Fiber paste (recommend this to everyone with similar hair) and I tried my best to style it all back to reveal the receding temples. It never looks this bad in public.

But no matter how hard I try I cant pull my hair back, it just grows side ways.

My thickness is alright (medium) the only thing that worries me are those temples.

To be honest, I don't think this is cosmetically significant at the moment for me. I can easily style the hair behind my temples forward and make it look cool, but at 18, I'm starting to flip my s***.

My grandfather said he had the exact same hairloss, and to this day his hair only looks slightly worse than mine (he's in his late 60s).

My goal: to keep more or less what I have now for the next 10 years at least

I have a box of Propecia sitting right in front of me that my dad bought OTC in Spain, but I'm going to run some blood tests tomorrow just to compare my DHT and other levels later.

I also have a dermatologist appointment in 2 days, and I will ask her to check for miniaturization in the scalp. A dermo should do this for me, right?

I want you guys to give me any advice, anecdotal evidence, or scientific studies regarding my hair loss pattern as well as the effects Propecia might have on an 18 year old. I'm definitely not a late bloomer but I wouldn't go as far as to say I'm a full blown man (Lol).

I have the Propecia in front of me right now and it's tempting. I want to take it, and probably will after the blood tests and dermatologist appointment.

I think what I would really like to do right now is have a professional check for miniaturization.

If they tell me I have none on my vertex/mid anterior then I won't be taking these pills but if they tell me I do, Finasteride is my new multivitamin.

They can tell you this with 100% accuracy right? I think it's called miniaturization mapping?

If any of you know the answers to ANY of these questions or just wanna shout out your opinion then do it.

I will also be using this forum as I get on treatments and to update the status of my beautiful dark hair.

Thanks for reading

09-10-2013, 12:46 AM
Too long didnt read:

How do i check for miniturization and would you go on propecia in my situation considering no ones lost their hair in my fam this early?