View Full Version : Thinking of getting off minoxidil (at least at hairline)

09-09-2013, 06:40 PM
So, I've been using minoxidil foam for a year all over my head, but it hasn't done anything at my hairline. Actually, I don't think it's done anything anywhere, but I've been shedding at my hairline. Not heavily, been just steadily. It's difficult to tell if it's due to the minoxidil, because I started applying it two months after a hair transplant. I had a spike in shedding after the transplant, so I don't know if minixodil has caused the shedding or it was going to happen anyway. Regardless, any thoughts about getting off it? Should I expect a heavy shed? Could it actually be making things worse? Interested in hearing from some guys that have eased off the treatment.

I have a pretty full head of hair; was NW2 before my transplant, and this thread has recent pics of what I look like now. Behind the transplanted hairline, I have original density, or pretty close to it (transplanted hair, obviously, is thinner).