View Full Version : Hairline. Is it balding?

09-06-2013, 12:54 PM
26. Never worried about balding as I assumed you got from your dad and my dad, 65, has thinner hair now but it's still there. However I found out it can skip generations and my uncle is bald.

I took these under a bright light to try and highlight it as people think I am making too much of it normally. I have dark hair so in bad light it's harder to spot. I can't remember always what my hairline was like and I don't have pictures of me hold back my hair to reveal the temples so it's hard to compare.

My crown doesn't seem too bad even under bright light. You can see a small little swirl near the crown but that's always been there. Didn't bother uploading that.


Right side:


More worrying right side (my hair doesn't normally sit like this, had to move it to show the lack of hair):


Left side:


I really am concerned. I know I shouldn't be but I identify with my hair so much. People don't understand when i ask. I am at a loss. The thing is my hair is still thick on top and if you saw me in the street you wouldn't know. However my fringe covers the areas where I think it's regressing, and I worrying if I go to see someone about it they'll dismiss me too.