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I googled 'fue scars'.......ALL THESE WHITE DOT SCARS IN THE DONOR...............


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I heard the same scarring occurs on the rest of the body also. So if you use chest hair for one of these transplants. Those areas on the body will not tan.

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09-06-2013, 01:27 PM
I googled 'fue scars'.......ALL THESE WHITE DOT SCARS IN THE DONOR...............


Some patients get hypopigmented dots and some don't. If you decide on FUE, make sure the doctor doesn't "dabble" in FUE but rather has a lot of experience. Make sure the doctor is one who believes FUE is a better option than strip rather than a doctor who reluctantly offers FUE to satisfy patient demand. Patients concerned about the possibility of white dotting should do a few small test areas to determine what punch size is required to safely remove their grafts without transecting follicles. A 1.2 punch could increase the possibility of scarring in some individuals. That's a pretty big punch, but a necessary punch size in certain instances.

Make sure the doctor uses ACell. ACell was approved for use by doctors in the US by the FDA. ACell claims their brand of extracellular matrix has regenerative properties when properly used. THE FDA wouldn't allow ACell to make those claims if studies did not support them. The following is on their Website:

*Constructively remodel site-specific tissues where scarring would be expected.

Using ACell does not guarantee you won't get some hypopigmentation but it will definitely improve your chances of having the best donor area possible.

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Hello guys,
I know that the term 'scar-less' has been in use regarding particular HT methods in recent past.
This new Endoscopic 'scar-less' FUE technology created by Dr Wesley, which is still in its testing phases , but certainly can TRULY be termed as a 'scar-less' method. The removal of the hair grafts are completed different than standard FUE's and made unique by way of Endoscopic surgery.
Of course, all surgery carries risks and every incision leaves a scar.
However, with endoscopic surgery,the smaller incision scars are likely to be easily over looked or hidden.
Dr Wesley will be presenting his works at the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery conference in San Francisco this October.
He has a method of treating the donor area too that ,anecdotally, has caused regrowth.
Lets hope for the best -I certainly am.....in fact I will be participating in Dr Wesley's upcoming phase testing the end of this year.