View Full Version : FUE hair transplant by Dr Reddy on a 21 year old lady, 790 grafts

Raghu Reddy, MD
09-04-2013, 01:48 AM
A 21 year old lady presented to us requesting a lower hairline as she had lost her hair following persistent use of head scarf and tying her hair too tight every day.

The lady was observed by Dr Reddy more than 12 months and the stability for hair loss was established before surgical restoration was attempted.
Though it is understandable that head scarf use alone does not contribute to hair loss, the fact that she already had thin and wispy hair secondary to persistent braiding, it might have been a contributory factor.

After extensive counseling Dr Reddy qualified her for FUE. We transferred 790 grafts / 2493 hair.

Attached are photos before, immediately after and 9 months after.