View Full Version : All sides are created equal?

09-02-2013, 08:43 AM
if sexual side effects improve with continued use of finasteride under the assumption that the body adapts to the drug, is it safe to say mental side effects would as well?

my understanding of sexual sides:

1.dht plays an important role in sexual function
2. testosterone also plays an important role in sexual function (among many other factors)
3. testosterone (along with said other factors) can, in a sense, "cover" for the reduction in dht as the body adapts to finasteride (.25mg every third day dosing)

my understanding of mental sides:
1. dht is way more androgenic than testosterone
2. dht is found in the cns, and is responsible for a very powerful signal that stimulates your "manliness"
3. testosterone cannot combat fatigue or other depressive symptons nearly as well as dht can
4. finasteride also has an affect on neurosteroids and GABA receptors, further propagating depressive symptoms

this is what I have gathered from most research posted on the internet. I know it's a complex issue, but any clarification on the above line of reasoning would be greatly appreciated.

my situation:
diffuse thinner, decent hairline, good responder to finasteride, but cautious because have had sides in the past over different dosage schedules

right now I've been taking .25mg of finasteride every third-fourth day for a month, and the itch on my scalp has completely disappeared + significant reduction in shedding + hair is feeling healthier.

sexual sides: not nearly as bad as it used to be on higher doses. some loss of erection strength and libido, but slowly improving to pre-fin state thanks to consistent use of zinc and nofap

mental sides: this is why I made the thread, fatigue is very noticeable, and I don't feel as "sharp" mentally, with no signs of it improving as time goes on. guessing on that front, dht is just too valuable for its stimulating effects?