View Full Version : 25 years old, started to recede at the age of 22.... thinking of starting on the meds

09-02-2013, 01:32 AM
Hi guys,

Hi guys,

I am 25 years old and suffering from hair loss around my temples. It first noticed it around the age of 22. I'm probably coming up to Norwood Hamilton Scale 2A I reckon and it's really getting me down. I compare my own hair to other guys on a daily basis. I used to always style my hair and receive awesome compliments.
I am from the UK and love having the 'Essex' style hair cut (number 1 at the back and sides and lengthy at the top) but with hair loss at the temples, it is becoming increasingly difficult to cover up the bald patches that are appearing. It makes me so unhappy reading that. I love my hair and I am sick of getting extremely down about it so I need to take action.

My family has suffered from balding but at different levels. None have gone completely bald. My dad still has lots of hair on the back and side but is now pretty bald on the top (He is 60), he's probably ther most extreme in my family, everyione has has mature headlines or certain degree of baldness on the top).

I have some some research and I am considering all these options....

1) Hair transplant... I have seen some hair transplants in the UK for about 4,000 for my amount of hair loss and I can pay monthly as I don't have 4k to spare. But I am shit scared about the scarring. I need to do more research and probably go for a free consultation.

2) Hair system... but they are VERY expensive and I am scared it would fall off.

3) Meds - Finasteride, Minox 5%, and Nizoral shampoo (Btw guys, does anyone know if Nizoral shampoo helps with tension in the head? I get heavy tension on my head where my hair loss is more prelevant).

4) Finsterude and Nizoral shapmpoo.

In the past I ahve tried Minox (Regaine) for about 5/6 months but I didn't feel I saw any difference.

My aim is to STOP any further hair loss and would LOVE to see regrowth. remenber, I want to continue my Essex style hair cuts.

I'm minded to try number 4 immediately but probs shoudl try 3 but it's incirediably expensive.... I do love my hair but I only have so much cash, I'm never going to afford anything else.... That what makes me think I should just get a hair transplant and I won't have to bother with the meds then.

Any advice from you guys would be appreciated.