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B Jensen
08-28-2013, 04:41 PM
Hello all, I recently turned 21 and I noticed that my hair is seeming a bit more on the thin side lately. I still have quite a lot of hair left so I figure now is the time to act. I would like to try and maintain my hair until I am done with my education (I am currently going to be a senior in college but I do plan on attending grad school). I have done some research on the current treatments for hair loss but I still have a few questions.

Family History: On my mom's side, every guy has pretty great hair. My uncles are all into their 50s and there is nobody with hair loss more advanced than a NW 2.5 pattern and the density is very good all around and my grandpa was around a NW 3 with thin hair when he died.

On my dad's side, the hair is also pretty good with the exception of my father. Of his brothers, only one has a NW3 pattern of hair loss and nobody has a more advanced hair loss pattern. A couple of my cousins have slightly receding hairlines but none worse than a NW 2.5 pattern and the density is pretty good as well. My grandpa had fairly thick hair in a NW3.5 pattern when he died.

Unfortunately, the one person who got hit hard by genetics in my family was my father. He is pretty much a NW7 at 49 years old and he started losing his hair at a young age. Just goes to show how unpredictable genetics can be!

Anyway, I have to conclude that I am likely destined for a hair loss pattern similar to that of my father since I am starting to lose my hair so young and that doesn't often happen in my family. Thus, my questions about treatment are as follows:

1. How effective is Propecia for aggressive hair loss? (It seems in my research that it can be just as effective for aggressive hair loss but its effectiveness varies from person to person greatly. Thought I would ask anyway though.)

2. If I do indeed have the same pattern of hair loss as my father, am I a poor candidate for a hair transplant?

3. If I started propecia and it did halt my hair loss, would a respectable hair transplant surgeon perform a hair transplant in the future or would they refuse in case propecia loses effectiveness and hair loss continues?

4. I admit that I am a little apprehensive about propecia side effects. Would taking a smaller dose every couple days decrease the risks of a persistent side effect?

5. What exactly is RU and what is the most effective vehicle for it? hellrouser had nothing short of amazing results with it and some claim it can be more effective than propecia. Also, where would be the best place to buy it?

All help is appreciated! Thank you so much!

08-28-2013, 06:20 PM
Can't answer all your questions in detail, but personally I recommend starting at a small dose and working your way up, RU is a topical anti androgen that can be bought from Kane, if you stabilize your hair loss surgeons will definitely consider you a stronger candidate, and yes if you are headed for NW 7 and go there, then transplant with today's technology is not feasible unless perhaps you want to go the creative route (FUE, smp, shaved head). And I believe reading from a respected poster, Desmond, that fins efficiency is not tied to the aggressiveness of the hair loss.

08-28-2013, 06:39 PM
Just so you know, just because you are thinning that doesn't mean you'll lose all of your hair in a few years. I started to thin when I was 18 and am a norwood 2 now, at the age of thirty-eight. My brother, who is forty-one, has all of his hair, while my younger brother, who is twenty-five, started to thin out a few years ago. You never know what's going to happen.

B Jensen
08-28-2013, 07:19 PM
Thanks for the quick response! Also, it is good to know that thinning might not mean I am going to lose it all in a few years! Buster, did you take any preventative treatments to slow the process or did your hair loss halt naturally?
Califorication, thanks for the info on RU. Also, as long as my hair loss is stable (even if I am on meds) I can be considered a good candidate for a hair transplant? I just ask because I am worried about fin losing efficacy after a hair transplant and the hair loss progressing.

Thanks again for the quick response!