View Full Version : Hypothetical question related to my future

08-27-2013, 10:42 PM
Currently, I am 24, with NW2 shape hairline but some diffuse thinning throughout my entire forelock, probably to about a norwood 4 pattern. I have been on propecia for almost 1 year and 4 months, rogaine 1x day for almost 10 months. I apply rogaine to the entire top of my head. Before treatment I noticed slight thinning in crown as well as thinning in hairline. My crown has responded well and thickened up to the point I don't even worry about it at all.

My family history is that my fathers side all suffered varying degrees of hair loss, from nw1 to nw5. They all seem to diffuse up top leaving sparse coverage in the nw5 ish realm but still have stubborn hairs around their old hairlines, etc. no real history of loss on mothers side.

Despite my treatment, hairline and forelock have continued to thin out say from where I was a year ago. It's been somewhat slow and I can't tell if it has stopped at all or continued at a snails pace from propecia. I'm still at the point where it looks like a full head of hair until a bright light (bathroom, setting sun) reveals otherwise

Now that that's all out, my question is, given my age, and assuming my loss progresses slowly towards nw4 or 5, what would my consultation with a surgeon end with? Wait and see how you progress until you're 30 or something to that effect? When would I ever be considered for a ht by a top surgeon? I.e say 27 years but clear diffusion to NW4 too early?

Does anyone actually think by the time I'm truly ready for a HT there will actually be a better treatment that regrows hair?

Thanks in advance for any responses. I know I'm far off from a HT but just trying to guage what the future may hold