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joe from staten island
08-18-2009, 10:58 AM
as you know i recently had a consultation with dr. feller. i do not think that you are aware of the unfortunate gravity of my case. about 25 years ago i had over 600 4mm. grafts done. many of these grafts have remained the same length of 1/2 inch to 1 and 1/2 inches for over 25 years , they do not grow, but they never fall out. dr. feller has been familiar with me for many years , we have spoken on spencer kobrens bald truth radio and internet show on numerous occasions. we only met for the first time last week. his initial statement after examing my scalp was that my hair was not as bad as he had anticipated. he felt that he could harvest at least 1000 fue and place them in the frontal area in my hairline. it is obvious that my donor area has been severely depleted. dr. feller stated that he has seen cases much worse then mine. i really wanted prp therapy to lenghten my existing transplants and increase the vascularization and circulation in my scalp. he performed a test on my scalp and said i had plenty of circulation. i was very dissapointed that dr, feller did not feel that prp therapy was appropriate in my case, i felt that i had everything to gain and nothing to lose, except maybe a few dollars. my really concern is that if dr. feller shaves the top of my head is that my previous transplants may not grow back. the good doctor also stated that i had a very losse scalp. i have plenty of chest hair, but dr. feller stated that body hair transplants are in effective. i would greatly appreciate any comments you might have on my particular case. dr. feller is a kind and caring physcian and a wonderful man. i only wish he was in practice 25 years ago, and that he had performed all of my surgeries, i am sure had this been the case, i would have gotten a great hair transplant. my life today would be a happy one and i would not be suffering the torment that i endure every moment of my life. any comments you have to offer spex would be greatly appreciated. all i can say is god bless dr. feller he is truly excellent physcian and wonderful man. sincerely joe

08-19-2009, 04:08 AM
I have never come across this - The grafts do not grow? I presume you explained this to Dr Feller - what were his thoughts? - Maybe he could shave round those areas although i would have thought he might be able to cast light on this situ much better than i can.

Dr Feller has repaired many patient and i am sure if he feels confident he can help you out he will endeavour to give you the best result possible baring in mind what you bring to the table. He can make 1000 grafts go a long way and i am sure if you decide to proceed between you you will forge an appropriate plan of attack to enable you obtain a better situ.

I am sure if the doc feels you will not benefit from PRP then he mentions it for good reason. BHT is highly inconsistent as you will see from the feedback from various veterans online. Some clinics do perform with it though however the results are limited considering the number of patients performed on via this method. The Doc will only have your best interest at heart and will not want to fill you with any false hope.Just facts.

I am glad to got chance to meet Dr Feller and discuss your case in depth with him. There is no better alternative than meeting the doc in person in order for him to be in possession of all the facts in order to advise more appropriately.

If i can be of any further assistance please don't hesitate to contact me.

Keep us all informed with regards to the next step and whether you intend to see the doc for a repair.
All the very best