View Full Version : Experimenting with finasteride dosing and subsequent results

08-24-2013, 01:53 PM
Just curious to see if anyone has taken finasteride other than prescribed, such as every other day or .5mg a day, and if so, what have your results been like? I have been on 1.25mg of proscar daily for the past 13 months and have been considering tapering down as I have come across numerous articles stating that every other day or even every third day dosing is just as adequate as every day dosing. The articles state that although finasteride does only have a half life of a few hours, dht levels don't actually start to rise until a few days after your last dose. What do you guys think?

08-24-2013, 03:40 PM
This is very interesting. Taking a smaller dose if effective would help save money to the point where I would just get fin from my local pharmacy. I am not saying the fin I get from Inhouse isn't legit, but I would have more confidence in what I receive from a local American pharmacy.

08-25-2013, 08:49 AM
I started on 1mg daily, but tapered down after 2 weeks to 0.25mg every day, due to minor sides. Since being on 0.25mg the sides have gone and believe it or not after only 2 months I am seeing regrowth on my hairline (check Desmond's fin thread for my documentation so far).

Why are you thinking of taking a smaller dose? Are you getting sides or are you just worried for the future?