View Full Version : Replacement for Minoxidil?

08-19-2013, 10:08 PM
I'm looking for the closest thing that comes to minoxidil but honestly, when most people don't seem to know exactly how it works it can be a little frustrating.

I hear people bringing up the possibility of it affecting pgd2/pge2 and that's how it helps and other things but I would like to ask your opinion from what you've read and heard.

Main reason i'm looking for an alternative is because unlike people calling fin poison, I call minox poison. I tolerate fin just fine, but with minox my heart just doesn't agree at all. When i was taking minox/fin/niz man my hair seriously rebounded and thickened up, but I can't risk taking minox (heart palpitations/fluttering/etc).

**Probably responded so well because i started shedding within 7-10 days on it and got regrowth after it subsided about 3-4 months later.** Which is why im seeking a similar alternative because just fin isn't cutting it.

So yeah, any suggestions/discussion on finding something similar in theory would be great if you have the time. Hopefully if there is one it wouldn't have the same effects on collagen/skin/heart issues etc.