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08-15-2009, 12:29 PM

32 year old. So I have been losing my hair from about 24/25. At 27 I did go w/ hair transplant surgery. Living in New England, I used Dr Leonard, someone who I had been hearing about for years. The experience for me was not good on several different levels. Not to mention, while some of the transplants have taken, I still am very light and would need severla more transplants. I am not interested in the surgical route any longer, but am not happy w/ where my hair is.

I have tried Hair Club, but was disgusted at the sales pitch they try to give, so have passed on using them. I have been work w/ a group called New England Associates. the man I have been working w/, ED, seems to get it, as he himself wears a hair piece. I have been trying laser therapy. Now as I have had some regrow, not nearly the amount i would like, and obviously it is slow. I am considering a hair piece. Although, in my situation, its the crown and the front, the middle isnt bad. Now the issue i have is cost. it is roughly 2500 a year. As someone who has probably spent close to 10,000k on opition over the last 7/8 years. I was wondering if pople had any other idea's or options that might be more affordable. Also anyone who has experience w/ New England associates, would love your feedback. Thanks