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08-14-2013, 02:40 PM
Hi all, I'm new to the board here. I will post a quick introduction shortly but I just wanted to ask your take on the topic (no pun intended) of combining hair transplants with smp - scalp micropigmentation.

I think scalp micropigmentation has the potential to effectively double, if not more than double, the amount of hair men have for transplantation and to achieve a look of looking good and emulating a full head of hair. As such, this hybrid approach should be part of standard practice in the hair transplantation business.

It is my understanding that 50% of natural hair density is what is needed to achieve the look of a full head of hair. Once a man drops below 50% density, then he starts to get the see-through effect and you start seeing scalp and you start to look bald/balding. So 50% is roughly the magic number for hair density necessary to achieve a good, decent, full head of hair look.

Well, if as a matter of standard practice, you start combining SMP with hair transplants...could you not, on a pretty regular basis, get the number of grafts the average man has to go A LOT further? Could you not transplant to lower levels of density, say 25% or so, and achieve the same effect, allowing you to have more hair to cover more of the head? Heck, even having enough to cover the crown, the area that many men do not have enough hair to cover?

I think this is very important. I believe for most men, achieving the look of a full head of hair is not about hair counts or hairs per square inch...it is about achieving the look of having a full head of hair.

This seems like a big deal, and it seems to me that with modern hair transplants, this hybrid approach should be discussed really right up-front. Dare I say, it should become part of standard practice in hair transplantation, discussed right up there with decisions such as using FUT vs FUE, the placement of the hairline, etc.