View Full Version : Can I start propecia if I'm not sure I can go on forever with it?

08-15-2009, 10:35 AM
Hi everyone, just turn 23 an I got started with Minox three months ago(only on my hairline) and I can already notice some minor regrowth.

But I'm afraid I might have to stop it if I join the military(would only be a couple of years in like a year from now)

I know all the hair you've regrown with minox will fall within a few months.

But what about propecia ? If I take it for a coupel of years, will it stop the process and I'll start again from where I'm at right now if I stop, and continue my hairloss process at a normal rhythm, or will all the benefits fade aways instantly like they apparently do with rogaine?

Thanks guys, if you tell me what I wanna hear, ie taking propecia for a few years isnt a waste of money, I'll start it as soon as this week!