View Full Version : Do i shampoo daily?Naturally oily hair and skin, and could i apply Rogaine only once?

08-10-2013, 06:49 PM
Hi i work out almost every day/every other day. I have naturally oily skin and hair, and when i used rogaine twice a day i get dandruff. (I am in my early 20's). I have resorted to using rogaine once a day, and my dandruff has decrease dramatically. Is it fine if i use Rogaine just once per day, perhaps at night only?

Also, should i shampoo my hair every day if i have naturally oily skin and hair? I have read that washing your hair daily is bad for you though.

Maybe i can shampoo every other day, and just rinse my hair with water in between?


08-10-2013, 07:13 PM
Minoxidil has given me dandruff also. I use anti dandruff shampoo a few times a week to try to control it, but sometimes it gets bad. Dandruff isn't a very good look, but I do my best to try to stick with applying minoxidil twice a day. I have had some decent results so I don't want to change anything now.
I have heard around here that keeping a clean scalp is important for hair growth. Not sure if it would be a good thing to not wash your hair every day. Especially since you work out regularly.