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08-14-2009, 06:26 AM
I am 18 and have experienced hair loss in the hair line only. Everywhere else on my head is, as of yet, still very thick just like it used to be.

My hair line problem is getting very frustrating for me now though. It first went back when I was about 14/15. However, since then and looking at photos from 2007 I can see that my hair line is in almost exactly, if not exactly, the same position now as it was then. So it would appear that my hair has not receded for about 3 years. Will this still make it normal male pattern baldness? I am currently about a 2 on the norwood scale.

I have been to my GP surgery several times, each time to see a different doctor, and was sent away with the "nothing that can be done" approach. My parents were bought off by this and I have found it hard trying to persuade them that things can be done. I am therefore not on any medication, despite reading that things like minoxidil is more likely to be effecting in regrowth of the hairline in young patients and within a short period of time of the hairline first receding. I have finally found a GP who has taken me a bit more seriously. He is refering me to a dermatologist and I have to go for a blood test to make sure it is not anything to do with my thyroid. While I will have this done, I can't help but think this is wasting my time, particularly as my doctor has advised me not to start on regaine.

From past experience, would anyone here think that as my hair line has remained the same since pretty much when it first retreated and the fact that the rest of my hair has remained the same condition that this could be the worse it is going to get? It is on my mind constantly and is getting to the point where I am actually feeling physically sick either thinking about it or seeing it when I lift up my fringe. I am wanting to make an appointment to see Dr Farjo in London, but again, my mum is particularly against this at the moment. All I want is to get this problem sorted. While nothing is being done (I can't see the dermatologist for at least 3 months because they have no available appointments!) I can't help but feel that I am wasting time, despite not experiencing any real loss in a few years. What would you suggest?

Would FUE be an option for me? I appreciate that I am very young for a transplant etc - and I would't be expecting to get my hairline completely back to how it was when I was 14. I am just starting out in life and at this crucial time (should be going to unviersity in October) I am losing every last bit of confidence. My hair looks a mess and I feel scruffy because of it.

I apologise for the long post, but I am now seriously frustrated. I just hate seeing all those guys who are my age and older with really great hair and a full head when I have the most awful situation and look older because of it. I am not myself anymore.

These pictures probably aren't the best to show my problem accurately, as I probably should have held my fringe back, so it does appear slightly worse than what it is!! When I brush my fringe down I does cover my hairline issue rather well and not many people notice it, but it is a mess and I have to live with it!

I should also note that my dad is a norwood 6 and lost his hair early, but in a different way to mine, and far more rapidly. Apart from that, uncles, cousins etc all have really thick hair. One uncle is in his 50's and has better hair than me!

Thanks for your time,

04-03-2013, 06:45 PM
I recommend growing your hair out for now. Bangs should completely cover up your receding hairline and make it unnoticeable.

04-03-2013, 07:06 PM
I recommend growing your hair out for now. Bangs should completely cover up your receding hairline and make it unnoticeable.

That post is the better part of 4 years old. Homeboy is probably NW7 by now. Or, maybe he took your advice and has really really long bangs reaching from the back.