View Full Version : Minox and Shedding

08-07-2013, 07:55 AM
I posted a couple threads regarding being on Minox and having much thinner hair as a result. I've been on it for almost 9 months, and never noticed improvement but I did have about two sheds (2 months in and second starting around 7 that I feel is still ongoing). I've been applying Minox on the top of my head as more of a prevention when I thought for a few years it was a little thinner than it used to be, and this is what my dr's advised. My question is, can you tell a difference between thinning hair from a Minox shed and that of MPB. The reason I am asking, is that everywhere I applied it (the entire top of my head) has thinned considerably. Yet, my understanding, which could be wrong, about MPB, is that it starts somewhere and spreads. It could start at the crown and spread, and hairline can recede as well. I don't have baldness at the crown (or anywhere), nor is my hairline receding. But everywhere I have put Minox has thinned a ton since I started it. I am wondering if I should call it quits and see if it regrows or stick it out for a full year and see. Although I came across people online who had second sheds at 7 or 8 months- I never came across a follow up that the hair they lost starting Minox re-grew. I wasn't looking to re-grow new hair when I started this, I just wanted to retain what I had as a preventative measure. Now I am sorry I did because I really feel my thin hair is from Minox. I just think that if it was MPB I would see it thinning out in a pattern instead of all at once everywhere. If it regrows thatís fine, but I am losing hope that it will.
Thanks for any advice.