View Full Version : Am I a good HT candidate?

08-02-2013, 11:54 AM

Edit: I am too stupid to figure out how to embed photos, but if you right click on the thumbnail, and copy url, you can paste that in your web address bar to see the photos.

- I am 33 years old.
- The lighting in the photos is a bit generous. If you look closely at the bottom photo you can see my hair is much thinner than meets the eye at places.
- As you can see, my hair is in decent shape right now, probably a Norwood 2 to 3v, but this is thanks to Propecia.
- I want to quit taking the drug (insufficient libido). I suspect I will regress to a Norwood 4 in no time after quitting Propecia.
- I suspect my final resting place is around a Norwood 6.
- I want to get a HT prior to quitting Propecia, provided it would not be unwise.
- I have good donor hair; it's thick and wavy.
- I have a local doctor whom I trust, but he is not listed on the IAHRS. I am considering using him or one of the doctors on the IAHRS list.
- The local doctor recommended 2000 grafts to the front, towards the hairline, and 1000 grafts on the crown.
- My biggest reservation is I am concerned about my transplanted hair looking good when it first grows in but looking bizarre after I continue to lose more native hair. To that end, should I hold off on getting work done on the crown? I am willing to do another procedure as need be in the future, but I don't want to look bad in the meantime.

What do you guys think? Am I a good candidate for surgery? How many grafts if so? Or should I wait until I lose more hair? I don't want to wait but I also don't want to do anything stupid. Thanks for any input.