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07-30-2013, 06:52 PM
Hey guys,
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After starting a STRICT regimen of minox and finasteride, I'd like to know how much worse it's gotten :) I'm clearly dealing with MPB and so I tried to go ont he offensive early (I'm 31 now).

So, is it much worse? Or the same? I don't think it's better. I'm trying to get a sense for whether the medication regimen has done anything.

So where would you now classify me? Thanks!

07-30-2013, 07:17 PM
Welcome to the forum,

My guess would be that you are between NW 1 to 2. Glad to know that you are being proactive about it. Also, do you have family history of MPB?

Keep your Finasteride dosage in check. You don't need a lot of it to lower DHT such as .5 would do a decent job. Any sides effects you noticed with finasteride? Keep using minox, add nizoral, and 1.5 mm dermaroller. You still have decent hair so goal would be to maintain first before regrowth.

Remember that it can take a while to see the results of hair treatments. Do you research, and get lab work done to check on DHT levels. Finasteride will increase your Testosterone levels typically by 10%, and increase in estrogen is also noted.