View Full Version : Is anybody (from EU) interested in dutasteride powder?

07-27-2013, 05:21 PM
I ordered dutasteride powder from China, but considering that I had to take 10 grams at once, I still have 6 grams that I could sell.

I waited for 2 months, until I have all necessary tests. First, I sent it to a US lab and the result was positive. In fact, the powder was actually more potent than dutasteride from an Avodart capsule that they used as a reference sample (probably because the Avodart capsule was slightly underdosed.)


Second, I made a series of blood tests to confirm that dutasteride works in me. In February 2013, I started on relatively high DHT levels (26 ng/dl), despite the use of finasteride, but after 3 months of Avodart use, they dropped to 7.3 ng/dl in late May. My then regimen consisted of 1.25 mg fin/day and 0.375 mg Avodart/day. Then I added the dutasteride powder - at first 0.25 mg/day, but subsequently 0.375 mg/day. Within one month, in late June, my DHT levels were practically unmeasurable - 0.3 ng/dl. Currently I already take 1.3 mg dutasteride/day (0.3 mg Avodart + 1 mg powder), and I quitted finasteride completely.

So, at this moment I can be sure that I have a 100% legit stuff, and if anybody were intersted, I can sell 1 gram for 170 USD - which is really a charitable price from me. This amount is sufficient for ca. 6 years and it is about 10-times cheaper than from an internet "pharmacy" (where you can never be sure, what you get). But with respect to customs, I would prefer people from EU. My email is jeca65@seznam.cz

The only possible problem may be with the method of use: I simply put 100 mg powder into 100 ml of 60% ethanol. Unfortunately, it didn't dissolve well, but I always shake it before use, so the dosing (with a Kirkland minoxidil pipette) should be reasonably accurate. In the future, I will probably try PEG400 (polyethylenglycol). Maybe, a simple water suspension (in a very low concentration) should suffice, too. Perhaps, I should also add that the bioavailability of dutasteride powder dissolved in alcohol is somewhat lower than from Avodart capsules, where it is mixed with monodiglycerides. Therefore, if someone uses 0.5 mg Avodart/day, he should probably start on 0.6 mg powder/day or so.

08-01-2013, 04:28 PM
So, is anybody interested?

I can understand that people won't trust an unknown guy from the internet, but I also wonder that they don't hesitate to buy dutasteride from some shaddy internet "pharmacies" for 10-times higher prices, and they can never be sure, what they get. That is somewhat strange.

08-13-2013, 02:07 PM
Question: What company did you purchase the dutasteride from? I'm kind of interested.