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07-27-2013, 02:45 PM
Hi guys, I have been a lurker on these forums for years and finally decided to come out the closet.

Only because I have had enough of waiting around for the cure to come, it’s been 5 years 7 years ago when I started browsing through these forums and is still another 5 years away. Though we are getting closer I cannot waste away my life in the hope it comes out and be waiting for it. I have now decided to go with a hair transplant. I did not initially as my hair loss was only beginning and now 7 years on it has almost gone now. 
I have tried a lot of hair remedies from Laser hair max comb to Cetrizine and the only thing that was effective for me for the last 7 years was Minoxidil. Now it seems to have given up. I tried Propecia but that was the worst mistake of my life, I had loss of libido and hormonal issues and not to mention gynaecomastia which cost me nearly 5k to get rid of. And all that from 4 months of usage. My life sucks big time!!

I have chosen to go use body hair for my HT as I have dense body hair and a lot of it again due to Propecia, mixed with some of my head hair on a 50/50 ratio. I keep my hair short about no longer than 2 cm so it should be okay. I want to have a low hair line though. I am currently heading to a norwood 6. My age is 27. I am looking to get around 6000 grafts and 3000 head hair. Due to the massive amount I need to look for a doctor who is financially viable for me so it’s either going to be in Turkey or India.

So guys need some help, here are some doctors I’ve listed. I need some additional information on them, emailed a few only got one or two replies as of yet.

Dr Hakan Doganay
Offers manual and motorized extraction. Both FUE and BHT
Price is €2.00 for FUE and €2.50 for BHT per graft. If I’m wrong please correct me.

Dr Koray Erdogan
Offers Manual and Motorized extraction
Only offers FUE.
Price is €2.50 per graft

Dr Muttalip Keser
Only Fue
Manual extraction only.
Price €3.50 per graft

Dr Erkan Demirsoy
Offers motorized and manual extraction
Price per graft €1.00 motorized and €2.00 manual
Not sure whether he does BHT. Anyone know?

Dr Ozgur
Offers only manual extraction
Price per graft €3.00

Dr Bhatti
Motorized extraction does both FUE and BHT
Price per graft is €1.00 FUE and €2.00 for BHT

If I’m wrong on any of the information guys please do comment and tell me.
Anyone know whether Dr Erdogan or Dr Demirsoy offer BHT? Any other recommendations guys?


07-27-2013, 04:58 PM
Of those you've listed, the only one I've seen results from is Dr. Bhatti, and his results were fairly impressive. I can't comment on any of these other doctors, I've not seen any of their work. Dr. Bhatti has recently been posting a ton of results online, and seems to also have alot of patients doing write ups with pictures of their result.

07-27-2013, 07:04 PM
Thank you for you input Wylie, I agree at first I didn't consider Dr Bhatti but after reading a few posts on forums and seeing his results I'm kind of heading towards choosing him.
My only concern with using my beard hair is the scarring, I have only seen a few pics of post donor extraction of beard on some patients. The few I have seen look good and very hard to tell anything has been removed from that area but compared to the amount of guys out there and docs who perform beard hair transplant there is a lack of post donor extraction pics of the beard.

07-27-2013, 07:57 PM
Here are some beard, body and head hair pics. Just so that I could maybe get some useful information from you guys as to what you think I should do etc. I have attached current hair loss too.
I grew out my beard hair to see how long it grows till it goes fuzzy. The length you see is probably the length I will keep Max 2 cm. My body hair grows longer than that easy 3 cm long, it's short there as I trimmed it a while back. The hair on my leg is the same but not sure if that can be used.


07-27-2013, 10:17 PM
your bht looks weak,

beards looks more suitable..

be careful with putting too much bht, remember it has too look natural after all

I'd pick bhatti for the job