View Full Version : what do you guys think of my haircut, and other questions.

07-22-2013, 06:32 PM
Hi guys. I just got a haircut today and decided to take some baseline pictures.

Well again, to tell my story, I am 22 years old and it was about 5 months ago when I had quite long hair and never inspected my hairline up to that point. Then when I got a hair cut, I accidentally asked them to cut it too short and to my horror, I notice that my hairline especially at the temples are super receded. I looked back on my old pictures and realized that my hairline has been receding slowly for years now but in the last few months, it's really noticeable. Even if I try to grow the front of my hair long, there isn't enough to cover it up and my hair has always been thin and not very dense but now it seems to be getting even thinner.

I have looked at some pictures and my dads, uncles, and grandpa on my mother side have been norwood 4-norwood 5. However, my brother is 25 and looks like he has no hair loss. I think at the rate that my hairline is receding, I will be worse off than anyone of them. I know its not as bad as some members on here so far, but it still has taken a huge toll on my self esteem, . Especially at the thought that it will recede more. The pictures and short hair cut makes it look better than it is. I have not hung out in my social circle ever since I discovered my hair loss, and only hung out with the closest friends.

I also think that my hair loss was exacerbated by that I have been eating very poorly basically fast food every day, and averaging only 3 hours of sleep on weekdays, and often no sleep at all in the last 2 years, I have been very busy trying to keep up with school and also working many hours.

I already mentioned this but I have ordered finpecia from the online pharmacy and also a bunch of other hair products like rogaine, nizoral, shampoos and they should arrive in the next 10 days. I won't mind applying the rogaine and nizoral, but I am really torn on whether I should take finpecia or not. I am deathly scared of the sexual side effects, and I am also scared that it will wreck my body and I won't be able to train for boxing and wrestling.

If you guys were me, what would you do? I have not seen a doctor or dermatologist either. I have only been going straight home from class depressed and just lurking these hair loss forums. Please give me some advice.

07-22-2013, 11:47 PM
I will not discourage you from seeing a doctor. If it will make you feel better about things, go for it. My Dr.'s only concerned about the drug appeared to be price(not covered by insurance) and life long commitment. He didn't seemed concerned at all about sides. I am not saying that sides don't exist. I believe they do. I also believe the chances of you suffering from any are slim. Just keep an eye on your body. Which we should all do, taking fin or not.

If I could go back and time and be in the same situation, which I was at 22, I would get on fin and minox. Keep anti dandruff shampoo handy though if you decide to try minox. Don't go down with out a fight. I did and my hair is trash now.

07-23-2013, 03:42 AM
If you guys were me, what would you do? I have not seen a doctor or dermatologist either. I have only been going straight home from class depressed and just lurking these hair loss forums. Please give me some advice.
You should certainly see a doctor. Your hairline is OK for your age; it could be a little better but I think it is still OK. All you see in your hair density could be the result of bad diet and too little sleep (which can have much more severe consequences in the long term than just temporary physical stress).

I suspect that your way of life may be taking a toll on you. If so, everything is reversible but you have to act. Assessing your situation with the help of a specialist is a good starting point.

By the way, trigonometry is amusing, right? ;)

07-27-2013, 12:22 AM
Something to keep in mind: Asian men have lower hair density than Caucasian men. Asian guys, on average, have roughly 80,000 hairs on their head, while white guys have roughly 100,000 (with a full head of hair). Point being that you can't compare your density to that of the majority of the posters on here; your density may look comparatively thinner, but that doesn't necessarily indicate that you've thinned out. Also, Asian hair tends to be stick straight, which provides less coverage, and the contrast between black hair and skin doesn't help. I'm white, but also have straight, dark hair, which is annoying--it's the least forgiving type of hair to have, because there's no hiding any thinness.

All of this has nothing to do with the hairline, but just something to note.