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07-21-2013, 06:53 PM
Hey all,

I just wanted to recount my experience to you guys really quickly =)

About a year and a half ago, my MPB started acting up really badly. I went from a NW2 to a full-fledged NW3 within a few months. I tried cutting my hair relatively short to try and own up to it; but it wasn't good - I looked about 15 years older and quite ugly (if I may be honest). I decided shortly after that haircut to just shave it all off.

It took about an hour the first time, and when I finished I was enamored! So, so much better than that terrible receding hairline.

My friends were okay with it, I was good with it - all was well.

After about half a year, I started getting a little self conscious, though. I had just gone through a really rough situation which involved my fiancÚ becoming my ex-fiancÚ due to some extra-pre-marital activities on her part, and that caused me to hate myself and my self-image. I tried growing the hair out a bit more, and that made it so, so much worse.

Long story short, I pulled myself together and tried to figure out exactly what matters in my life. I have brains, am good at my job, and genuinely try to treat people with kindness & love - so the personality didn't need changing. The thing I kept falling back on that would get me down was how terrible I looked, and how I was trying to cling back onto that stupid hair that simply would not return. I realized "Oh god, I had fixed this many months ago." Shaved it back down, and for the past 4 months have been back to fully shaved, and feel way better. Have gotten a ton of compliments on it, and am generally on an upward swing.

My point is this: if you're dealing with male pattern baldness, at least give a shaved head a shot. If you don't like it, let it grow back; but try it at least once. Since I had that previous experience, I knew that falling back on it would work far better for me, and I don't plan on letting go ever again =D

Here is a picture of the current look (sorry I am the worst at lighting)


Tracy C
07-22-2013, 08:09 PM
Are you aware that you posted this in the women's hair loss section?

07-22-2013, 08:22 PM
Are you aware that you posted this in the women's hair loss section?

I was not!!

My most sincerest of apologies haha, I'll delete it =)

Edit: Er, I can't find the option to do so. Is there a mod or the like who could? =)

Davey Jones
07-26-2013, 06:30 AM
I have to agree that this should be moved. You're a great looking guy, but you'd make for a fugly a** woman.

07-27-2013, 08:24 AM
Great look if you are into Rock music.........not a good look for a woman ;)

08-05-2013, 09:39 PM
You might be a great candidate for SMP . Check it out.