View Full Version : Can Propecia Work first Time and Don't second?

07-19-2013, 08:30 AM
I'm a diffuse thinning and my Hair Loss has been very aggressive, since day 1 when I was 32 to this date I'm 35 it has never stopped and went from NW1 to NW3 or NW4.

I tried to use Propecia 2 years ago and had to stop using it after 6 months due to the sides, but the pill really did wonders for me from months 3-6.

Sides lasted for 1 1/2 years and seeing how bad my hair became, I decided to give Propecia another shot. I started this time using the Spex approach, taking the pill the first 2 weeks just 1 pill for week and then increasing the intake progressively. That was in the middle of January.

Until 1 month ago I didn't see to much change but I feel my Hair Loss stabilized and stop losing it, in fact I started to feel my hair thick. 3 weeks ago I even decided to tell my wife I finally was seeing some improvement and I feel very confident it was going to be better for then an on. Curious thing, one week after that I started to see a lot of my hairs in the ground and had to vacuum almost every day my working spot. Also I started to have problem when comb my hair, there was no way to cover my worse patch.

The thing is my hair now is thinner and the density has really decreased and I'm thinking if the pill is working no more, I'm at the 6 month mark since I started and I think for a shedding it's just not the right time. I don't have any side this time and I don't know if it's because the pill is not working for me this time.