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07-14-2013, 10:16 AM
Hi guys just thought i would start this as a new thread even though i have posted here and on another forum of my new regrime which is a trial of a few products some of which i tried a few years ago but did not keep using.
The products which some of you may or may not know is the same as kevin on you tube is taking and im two weeks into using and thought not much was happening much looking at crown and top of scalp looked as bad as ever which is what i expect in so little time of use,what i have just noticed is not great but on left front receaded forhead where i used to have some hairs left had disappeared a few years ago but i have now noticed about 3 hairs of dark colour on the shiny scalp.
So its strange that there is nothing on the other side yet but even seeing them new hairs growing im a bit excited as nothing i have tried has done this so i do hope it gets better in the next few weeks.
I have no hair loss when washing hair and no side effects as i was already on finasteride which on its own did nothing.
This combo of products i have four months worth of the topicals so will be posting on my progress.
The thing i have noticed is small red inflamed spots very tiny around hair loss areas and some follicles is this the healing process im not sure.

07-17-2013, 03:48 AM
Well update i have stopped finasteride and back on dutasteride 0.5mg a day and have very small hairs appearing not outstanding at this time but only into third week of my regrime.