View Full Version : Help me Fight Gyno and Hairloss

07-11-2013, 07:35 PM
Hello everyone. I'm going to try to make my story QUICK so people will read.

I am 24, have been on Fin for 5 years. I NEVER had any side effects on Fin. It seemed to work pretty good for 4 years, but in the past year I have noticed more thinning. I tried two things to help battle this:

1. I tried Avodart. I took two 0.5mg pills on Monday and Thursday for four weeks. A total of 4mg, and developed some gyno. I never felt any pain or tenderness, but it was growing. It kept getting worse and has stuck around even 7 months afterwards. I tried CLOMID from my Endo, but didn't seem to have any positive effect.

2. I started RU two weeks ago. I started at 50mg for the first three days, and began feeling some nipple pain (first time I've felt this). I immediately lowered my dose down to 10mg per day, and the nipple pain has subsided luckily. Weird that I got no sides from Fin, but did from RU right..this is somewhat contrary to what many others have experienced. However, I don't think 10mg is enough to do a lot, so I want to use a product that could potentially allow me to up the dosage for at least the first few months, and once I'm stable taper the RU down and the anti E as well.

FORMA STANZOL - I've read it actually helps lower DHT levels. I have a bottle of it at home but got scared of hair effects so I stopped (I used it after I got gyno from the Avodart for about a week). Please, google this product. It has amazing reviews as an Aromatase Inhibitor, and also many people say it does indeed reduce DHT. So it seems like the perfect thing for us to match with our hairloss treatments. At a low dose, we could probably apply it daily for months on end.

My plan was more to bump my RU up to 50-100mg a day and use the full dosage of Forma Stanzol for two months in hopes of getting some good results. Then taper the RU and Forma down over the next month and finish at about 20mg to 30mg.

Has anyone tried Forma?? Seems like a win-win in every way...