View Full Version : Dandruff Problem

07-09-2013, 10:52 AM
Hi everyone. I am 21 years old and have been going bald over the last few years however over the last six months my hair has started shedding. Every time I run my fingers through my hair numerous hairs fall out and because of this every time I have washed my hair over the last few months I have just gently massaged my head as opposed to scrubbing. My hair is so fragile that if I were to scrub it hard I would lose a significant amount of my hair in no time at all.

However this has led to me getting a severe dandruff problem. It's not typical white flakes but more yellow and soft and on the actual scalp. When I scrape a bit off there is usually 5 or 6 hairs attached to it so I'm too scared to just scrub it all off as the hair loss would be too dramatic.

Whilst I'm not optimistic about a solution I was hoping someone may know of a particular treatment to help with this problem. Whilst I still have pretty much a full head of hair this will not be the case for much longer especially since I've been on Propecia for two weeks. My hair is already shedding so once the Propecia shed kicks in and subsides (which I gather is unpredictable but 6 months is a reasonable expectation) my scalp will be very visible. Because of this I would like to buzz my hair short to number 2 now in anticipation but I can't because then the dandruff will be visible.

Sorry for making this so long and I'm angry at myself for allowing this to affect me so much but I can't tell you how much my confidence has plummeted over the last six months. Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks.