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Hi, ().

I am 23 years old, im not sure when my hairloss began, but i first saw what you see below 4 years ago and from the images ive provided, it hasnt changed since I first saw (4 years ago), I look at it everyday and I am scared about it moving. I believe the reason for the loss was a high dose of creatine which raises DHT highly, genetically, my father side has strong hair genetics, mothers is mixed. Should I jump on propecia? It's weird because I have clearly thinner hairs at the front since the day it began but they havent fallen and my overall hair density hasnt changed since, as well as this as you can see i have a huge forehead...

OH and just to add, my right side has always been higher than my left, same as my father, we both have a similar pattern in where the right side is deeper than the left, my dad is 57, he maintained a nw 2 from 25 to 51, he is now a nw 3 with slight crown thinning.

top: http://i.imgur.com/ldTj1sk.jpg

top2: http://i.imgur.com/VSzLUEH.jpg

left side: http://i.imgur.com/0qRTzqX.jpg

right side: http://i.imgur.com/FYb02Od.jpg

should i jump on propecia? i think im a nw 2.5 headed to a 3...slowly

Here is a photo of my hair from the front, as you can see it looks thinner at the front, behind this though it's all thicker, my hair is generally quite fine in texture so I don't know if that has anything to do with it or just general miniturisation.


jesus **** man you hair looks good. you are not a NW2.5 heading to 3 any time soon. My 13 year old brother has the same hairline as you for gods sake. You dont seem to have any hairloss to be honest, stop worrying about it and take a look at it in 6 months to a year and see how it looks, if it's worse get on propecia. I highly doubt it will get any worse

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At your age You may very well have a maturing hair line and that may or may not necessarily be the beginnings of hair loss.
Your hair density is FANTASTIC bro' at this stage of the game you should not focus too much on it as being a bad thing.
Listen to the advice given by Spencer Kobren. He has had great results with Fin' BUT he does not advertise it or endorse it.
He provides fair and objective advice.
I may be trying Fin' very soon but I am MUCH OLDER than you and I DO have hair loss. Good luck in your research!!:)

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You guys have given me a huge boost in confidence!

For 4 years I have been staring at it expecting it to move, even promising that once I see any movement ill jump on fin. However, for 4 years it hasn't budged at all. I never considered it as a mature hairline, but just above one due to the thinning at the front which also hasn't changed in the 4 years I've been checking.

Thanks again and if it begins to budge ill see a derm and research into fin.

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Even if you become a NW3 or a NW4 you will be fine as modern HT's can fix that well. The key is family history if you have strong family history then kepe monitoring.

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Even if you become a NW3 or a NW4 you will be fine as modern HT's can fix that well. The key is family history if you have strong family history then kepe monitoring.

Yup true. The deepest level of baldness in my family is NW 3 with crown baldness on both sides, but most of the men in my family from photos I've seen all had NW2 throughout mid 20s and keep it for some time. I'm just going to monitor it and make sure I keep fit and healthy.

Btw, I think the reason for it was creatine which I've heard increases DHT levels highly, I used it for around a year and from what Ive read it increases DHT by 50%, so do you think this is likely/possible cause/trigger for the extent of MPB for what I've lost?

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Go by a bottle of Dawn detergent. Use it everyday as your shampoo. Lather and rinse 3 times. Once a week, shoot a handful of witch hazel into the suds of the 3rd lathering and gently scratch it into your scalp.

Let it sit for 5 minutes.

Do whatever other shower things it is that you do, then rinse well.

If you do this from now on, you will slow your hair-loss way down. Your front follicles are begining to shut down but at your early stage, you can slow the shutdown to a decades-long crawl.

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