View Full Version : Dr Mwamba + My WHTC -2659 grafts FIT shaven - 2 years later

07-04-2013, 05:56 PM
We are presenting the results of the following patient.
He had previously a hair transplant in Frontal Zone, FUE surgery, and came to us because he was not totally satisfied. He had a double goal:
1. Fill in his vertex area ( 66 cm2 in size )
2. Reinforce the density on top.
His donor area had a follicular density of 63 Fu/cm2 and a hair density of 156 hairs /cm2 .Even though the follicular density was below the average (Normal range of donor follicular density is 70 to 90 Fu/cm2), it was compensated by the calculated density (number of hairs per follicle) which was equal to 2.4 hairs per graft vs. 1.8 to2.2 hairs per follicle on average .He also had coarse black hairs .The contrast hair /skin was not high.

We decided to proceed in two steps to avoid overharvesting and thinning in some area of his donor .We grafted 1135 grafts by FIT shaven in the vertex .One year later , we did another 1524 grafts spread between the vertex ( 500 grafts ) and the top ( 1024 grafts ).
We are presenting his results two years after he walked in our office.