View Full Version : Post hair transplant recovery/redness

06-29-2013, 01:15 PM
Hi can anyone help. I'm looking into a HT with Dr feriduni. I've got my money sorted etc the only thing left to sort out is the amount of time off work required. Again, I can take unpaid leave etc if required but I'm struggling to decide whether to go ahead or not due to the recovery time.

I want to keep this to myself and not publise it at work. Only close friends to know.

So how long do you think I'll need realistically for signs of surgery to go, and signs of reddening to go?

In terms of keeping it under cover Im thinking of keeping it shaven for a long time after the op and even return to work with it shaven. Then when the time seems right ill let it all come back through and grow.

Is this plan possible?

Any help would be great