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06-27-2013, 06:44 AM
Hi there!

I've been sort of lurking the forums for a tiny bit :P I haven't been fighting hair loss for long, it's been more of a psychological battle (at first), rather than a physical one. It's starting to dawn on me that maybe I will be headed down the NW7 path, but at the moment I'm probably an NW1. Definitely not a 0 :P

Just thought I'd pop in and ask a question... Now I know you guys must get a lot of these, I'm not real comfortable posting up a picture at the moment.

Not to brag or overstep myself but I do have a relatively full head of hair with a bit of temple recession on my right side. The left side looks as it always has. I've been looking at my hairline closely for a number of months and I'm definitely noticing a change.

Here's where the pickle comes into it. My family (on both sides) has a history of MPB, so I know for sure I'm gonna get it. On my mother's side, every male pretty much went to an NW7 by the age of 21, in a rapid shed.

I'm about to start fin, and my question to you all is... would my hair loss be too aggressive to halt with propecia? Is it of any significance at all that I still have a pretty good head of hair? I just want an idea of my chances here.

Thanks a lot everyone :-)

06-27-2013, 12:09 PM
The sad and frustrating reality to your questions, is that there are no absolutes or definite answers when it comes to MPB and or any associated treatments.

What I can share with you from personal experience, is the sooner you start treatment the better. When it comes to MPB, I would suggest it is better to be proactive than to play catch up.