View Full Version : Early 2nd Shed on Minoxidil

06-22-2013, 08:44 AM
It's been around 3 months since I started applying Minoxidil (Regaine foam) twice a day to my hairline and crown. I'm pleased to say I've got a lot of hairs that are turning terminal on my hairline and my crown is a little better, however these last 2 weeks I seem to be losing way more hairs than normal. I also seem to be losing a lot of short thin hairs, are these vellus ones making way for new terminal ones?

Was just wondering if a second shed this early was normal?

Also, another thing I've noticed since taking minoxidil is that the hair I lose very rarely has a white bulb on the end, where as before all the hair that I used to lose nearly always had a white bulb. Any thoughts?