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06-21-2013, 07:30 AM
Ok so I got ill about 2 months ago with a chest infection and fever. Since then I've noticed a lot of my hair has been falling out.

I went to the doctors as I had been feeling very run-down also and mentioned my hairloss. The doctor said the loss could be Telogen Effluvium and she sent me to get bloods taken.

However, although my loss is mostly diffuse I have noticed that I have more loss in the typical 'male pattern balding' areas. I think the illness has just brought my attention to the loss. There's some definite hairline recession and my crown seems a little thinner (still coverage though). I'd say I'm a NW2

My bloods came back and I'm very deficient in iron and zinc. I started iron and zinc tablets/supplements 10 days ago.

Whilst I'm open to the idea that some hairloss may be Telogen Effluvium I'm also pretty certain I'm suffering from MPB.

What would your advice be??

What's the next stage of medical advice I should seek? I want to be correctly diagnosed first before I start any course of treatment.

In the meantime I've been researching into treatments. I'm thinking starting with Minoxidil. I'm looking at Kirkland solution or foam (which would you recommend?).... Or maybe Lipogaine??

Any advice/experiences/help would be much appreciated. Hairloss is horrible but I feel much better about it if I'm being proactive :-)

Cheers guys - thank you for reading and I really look forward to hearing your thoughts


06-21-2013, 08:58 AM
Minoxidil is not a significant treatment for hair loss, it can thicken up hair but it won't treat the underlying condition.

If you truly have MPB, the first step is taking finasteride. Some people on this forum hate the drug and will dissuade you from taking it. Ignore them, only a small number get side effects and as a result the drug is widely held to be safe and effective and it is BEST when you are in the early stages of hair loss as you seem to be.

To see a real life example of what happens when one person takes a similar drug (dutasteride) and the other doesn't, go to www dot twinshairloss dot com

06-22-2013, 01:44 PM
Thank you for your reply :-)

So how do I get correctly diagnosed - who do I ask to see other than my GP??

Also, I'm thinking of starting on minoxidil sooner rather than later, which would you advise I use, the solution or the foam and is Lipogaine worth a try?