View Full Version : FUE before HST?

06-16-2013, 11:13 PM
Just wondering if anybody has had FUE surgery prior to going for HST? I've seen a couple of cases on here that have featured former FUT strip patients but not noticed any other cases of previous FUE.

Was just wondering what your experience was, how many grafts they managed to take and how the healing was etc.
I ask as in 2010 I had 1300 FUE to my hairline to bring me from NW3 to something a little more acceptable. I'd like to top this procedure up - it's a little thin in terms of coverage and there's a few gaps.
I got in contact with Gho's people who said that it is harder to operate any former FUE patients and that I probably wouldn't be able to get so many grafts.

Being fairly young, the process of regeneration and being able to protect my donor without creating too many more scars is obviously something that attracts me.

Thanks all!